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Friday, November 30, 2012

they stare at me, while i crave you. Don't bring me down why do i just type these lyrics. dunno. so this is a blong and this or this is a blog. so don't be beeeeeeeeeeeee long. its great how you can type what you want and just get it out. my typing sucks. i haven't had to really type shit it a bit. so this will serve to get the skills back in shape could used to do some 60 plus words amin. i know you prolly wanna lay this slick dick. keep reading and maybe we'll just see. does this make sense? wow.

Went to Joyce's courtsyde! pud twice this week. drinking too much beer. oh well tastes just too damn good. need to hit gym. practicing exercise in typing and not looking at the screen. i guess don't take things for granted or else it will come back at you. it sucks when family is involved in things. i could see that as plain as day at the bar. he said his folks were hanging out. are the asians really going to fall from the sky and attack our imperial asses?

takes phots and videos and post em. who knows who will watch and hopefully you will get famous like jonah hill. i mean he was a fat ass and just happened to get lucky and get in some videos. thats all you need i suppose and then you get lucky and they say ya you can cut it for a video or something.

sitting not skiing on top of the world with my legs haning free and my back against the wall.

Fuck my job.

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