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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hot Lanta

So today is the start of my training and vacation. My awesome wife and baby creature have made the trek up to Atlanta. We will be here until Wednesday and then we will travel northwards to visit friends, family and our college town. I am sitting in our hotel room with my baby laying next took. She is playing with the cell phone cable connected to my computer learning how to type and laughing and giggling and pulling on the chord. It is incredible to see the leaps and bounds as she learns new things that she will use for the rest of her life.

In between the goos and gahs and the learning she is trying to crawl. She hasn't grasped the moving forward part but she gets up on all fours and seems like she planks out getting ready for a work out.

She does get frustrated but she loves it. And i love it. I wish I had more time to write in this blog and try to be creative and express myself.

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